‘Jolly Baburi’

Dear friends!

Sales of our album ‘Jolly Baburi’ will start on the 9th of October at ‘’ club and from Monday, October 11 — in the music stores of the city.
As always, the album can be downloaded. Album page is — , it’ll be available immediately after the concert.

And that is not all.

On Monday, October 11, from 23:00 to 0:00 we will celebrate the presentation of the album and answer the questions from journalists who are going to visit us for an evening organized by Gala Records and the .


Lost, forgotten and fluffy blanket

Lost and forgotten
Dacha (2010 version)
Baba Luba (2010 version)
Sneaky Snake (2010 version)
Chmya (Live in Antwerpen)

Lost and forgotten

Lost and forgotten

Lost and forgotten >> (mp3, 3.94 Mb)

Sneaky Snake (Home sketch)

Sneaky Snake

Sneaky_snake.mp3 >>

“Sea” maxi-single

Dear friends,
We have issued a maxi-single called Sea. Today it will be distributed as an attachment to the TimeOut magazine and by the end of the month you’ll see it in the shops. Following the tradition we have ourselves established, we’re going to publish it whole on a dedicated site (“more” is the Russian word for “sea”).

In support of this event we’re having a big concert in Moscow’s Hermitage Garden on Sept 4th, and those of you who can’t come will be able to watch a live feed. We will also be giving concerts in Saint Petersburg on Sept 11th and in Ekaterinburg on Sept 25th.

Peter Nalitch and Friends




Peter Nalith and Friends at Sfinks festival

1 Whirlwind of unrestrained passion
2 Sticky lover
3 Chmya
4 Is there love
5 Sofokla
6 Patiritilap
7 Whooly
8 Baba Luba
9 Poet’s heart
10 Yeti
11 Drago (gypsy folk-song)

Home recordings

Golova bolit — folk-song variation.
Mekoku (Babursi language)
Poseti menya po seti (visit me on the net)
French march
Your music
Ballade — lyrics by Art. Chernikov
Get ma Ola
Magic man

Look for me in your dream

Look for me in your dream
Peter Nalitch and Friends.
Look for me in your dream.
Download mp3 (2,9 Mb)

Muzykana (home recording)

Peter Nalitch and Friends. Muzykana (3.9 Mb).