“Sea” maxi-single

Dear friends,
We have issued a maxi-single called Sea. Today it will be distributed as an attachment to the TimeOut magazine and by the end of the month you’ll see it in the shops. Following the tradition we have ourselves established, we’re going to publish it whole on a dedicated site (“more” is the Russian word for “sea”).

In support of this event we’re having a big concert in Moscow’s Hermitage Garden on Sept 4th, and those of you who can’t come will be able to watch a live feed. We will also be giving concerts in Saint Petersburg on Sept 11th and in Ekaterinburg on Sept 25th.

Peter Nalitch and Friends

September 11: Concert in Saint-Petersburg

Peter Nalitch and Friends: , September 11, 20:00

September 4: Concert at Hermitage Garden

Peter Nalitch and Friends: Concert at Hermitage Garden, Moscow, September 4, 20:00

Peter Nalitch and Friends in Montenegro

МКПН в Черногории
Peter Nalitch and Friends in Montenegro (Petrovac), June 12.

Questions concerning tickets:
E-mail: ,

Peter Nalitch and Friends in B1 Maximum

Peter Nalitch and Friends in B1 Maximum

The album artwork has been, as always, done by Peter himself. The disk also contains bonus materials—interviews, behind the scenes reels and several video clips. The DVD comes with an audio disk with tracks from the concert.

You can also watch the full concert on YouTube:

Also you can download it in HD quality from .

Here’s the audio track in mp3 format:
1. Сердце поэта 2. Дача 3. Overburdened 4. Santa Lucia 5. Стерте сердце 6. Патиритилап 7. Деридум 8. Галя 9. Лала 10. Йети 11. Overseas 12. Мушки 13. 1solodowhiskey 14. Давай разведёмся 15. Баба Люба 16. Чайки 17. Blockhead 18. Гитар 19. Цветочек аленький 20. Дропс 21. Крылья 22. Драго

Download all songs as zip archive (130 Mb).


The joy of simple melodies

Dear friends! We’ve released our debut album “The joy of simple melodies”

On you can download all the songs in mp3 for free and pay as much as you wish

Peter Nalich and Friends

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“Overburdened” video

Live at “Green theatre” - Drago